Making the move was as much about taking my career to the next level as it was finding the right home for my practice. Initially, I thought your work was about finding me a firm that properly appreciated my contribution. Of course, I later discovered that I had a lot to learn about the legal business and, about my true goals and aspirations before I could make a decision about my future.

You clearly have a high level of respect from the men who run Toronto’s best law firms. Your unique style of attending the first meeting works remarkably well and is nothing short of a stroke of genius!

I have embarked on a new and exciting challenge in the next phase of my career. You were an important part of it all and I believe the only one in your business in Toronto capable of doing it.

Kenneth Klassen
Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

RainMaker took the time to get to know my career goals and ensured that the opportunities considered met the needs of both sides in order to achieve a good fit. Their in-depth knowledge and personalized approach made the process effective and efficient, including during the final stages of negotiation with my eventual employer.

Edyta Kowalewska
Associate, McMillan LLP

RainMaker understood that when I was looking to make a lateral move, it was all about timing, opportunity and confidentiality. They were exceedingly professional throughout the process, understanding the sensitivity of the circumstances as well as the personal and professional significance of the options available to me. Due to RainMaker’s relationships with the firms, I was able to assess the opportunities presented to me and make the best decision for where I wanted to be with my practice.

Damien Buntsma
Associate, Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP

I was delighted with my experience at RainMaker. Adam and Whitney were extremely supportive throughout the hiring process and during my transition to Bennett Jones. I quickly developed a high degree of trust in them and benefited greatly from their guidance and depth of industry knowledge. Most of all, I was confident that Rainmaker was dedicated to serving my long-term interests and helping me advance my career.

Aaron Sonshine
Associate, Bennett Jones LLP

As a mid-level corporate associate coming to Toronto from a smaller Canadian market, I was unsure of how my experience and skills would be received by a recruiter and the big Toronto firms. After our initial conference call, where Whitney and Adam provided me with confidence that they understood not only the Toronto market but also the market that I was coming from, Rainmaker ran with things. While Rainmaker was always available to answer my questions, their carriage of the process enabled me to continue my busy practice 3,000+ kilometres away. When I came to Toronto for interviews, Rainmaker organized everything in a strategic and expeditious fashion. When I received multiple offers, Whitney and Adam were a tremendous resource in ensuring that I had the time to make the right decision and was compensated as competitively as possible.

Michael Eldridge
Associate, McCarthy T├ętrault LLP

RainMaker provided the connections and guidance I needed to speak to the right people and ultimately make the right decision for the next stage of my career. I found Adam and Whitney to be highly knowledgeable of the opportunities available in the market and supportive in finding the right fit based on my personal goals and desires. They were professional, responsive and a great team to work with throughout the process.


Jonathan Ip
Associate, Bennett Jones LLP

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