Current & Future Challenges – In-House Counsel

RainMaker Group’s Adam Lepofsky was recently interviewed by The Lawyers Weekly, In House Counsel –  discussing his point of view on in-house counsel and the challenges and expectations of potential employers that come with making the transition into an in-house role.

If a CEO values legal, he or she will have an expectation that in-house counsel will not only be able to advise on a legal basis, but will also have the acumen to understand the practicalities of running a business… The most important point for anyone moving in-house is knowing how legal is valued within the corporation, which is directly tied to the philosophy of the CEO and management team. That will determine the size of the law department; what work is outsourced; how hard the in-house lawyers will work; and the career path they have within the organization…

Current and Future Challenges – In-House Counsel

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